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Beacon Ventures

As investor interest focuses more and more on early-stage game enterprises, finding the right talent, team chemistry and nurturing them becomes crucial.

We identify, qualify, lead, train and ship the best game initiatives for investment. If you're a VC or game talent with solid goals, let's meet!

We find the gems of gaming world!
(We sometimes make them too)

Our team does more than following all relevant game shows and events to spot the candidates for our program and calls out for applications, specifically track and enroll them to our venture program. We make sure talent set, persistence and way of working fits to our values, we bring them in front of our advisory committee of influential figures in the gaming industry who tackle the potential to make sure it is presentable for investor rounds.

If we didn't discover your studio or your game concept yet, reach us!



For Investors

Beacon Venture is a focused partner for Venture Capital firms and investors to help them to dig dive into Gaming Eco system with a significant head start for early stage opportunities.


We provide lower time to market and lower failure rate while investing, boosting hit rates and ROI.


We work with top experts in the world and continue to partner new stakeholders to our well resourced ecosystem.

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